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One Direction and 5SOS. And a lot of Larry. I write smut too.
❝ it says your band sucks ❞
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i love it when people try to hurt my feelings bc i don’t have any lmao

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sometimes i have to take a step back and realize that i put my happiness in the hands of 4 people who at one time collectively cared for a plastic dog

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Did u ask harry who tops??

Nah, I didnt get to meet him because we ended up actually getting tickets :(

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Thanks so much for 1k! Gahhh!

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okay so how does this look? like idk I need opinions, mostly on the bottoms with the plaid shirt?¿

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i just died .. goodbye

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people who ship 5sos romantically

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So I came across this wonderful article and though there are some inaccuracies in it, I absolutely love it

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how do dogs go down stairs on all fours that shit is terrifying

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ashton is a human being and he’s not gonna be a perfect little angel 300% of the time like he’s gonna get angry sometimes and he has every right to

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“you don’t look depressed though”

oh yeah sorry i forgot to bring my literal dark cloud with me today

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